Matthew Long

MACI, ACI. Counsellor/ Psychoterapist

Matthew possesses extensive expertise in the field of addiction and recovery, with many years of experience. He holds a BA Hons degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, as well as a degree in Counselling / Addiction Studies. Additionally, he is an accredited member of the A.C.I. (formerly I.A.A.A.C), the ‘Irish Association of Accredited Addiction Counsellors.’

Matthew’s primary goal is to inspire self-belief and confidence in individuals, empowering them to make healthy choices and decisions. His extensive experience is applied across various aspects of his work with clients, with a particular focus on solution-focused therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
Adopting a client-centered approach, Matthew conveys warmth, authenticity, and a strong belief in ‘The Core Conditions’ to all his clients. He firmly believes that trust and rapport are the foundations of true healing, fostering a therapeutic relationship with his clients.

Matthew is a fully qualified Counsellor and Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist. He has also worked with groups and workshops for many years, bringing invaluable experience to his practice.

Matthew has extensive experience in family systems and working with children aged 4 and above. He employs various therapeutic modalities and creative techniques to help children express their emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Children who attend counselling with Matthew come with diverse issues and challenges, all of which he welcomes. Parents/Guardians are kept informed of their child’s progress, and family support is offered when needed.
Matthew’s gentle yet steadfast presence creates a safe ‘space’ where clients can explore their patterns, self-beliefs, and behavioral systems in the context of their daily lives. This fosters greater self-awareness and opens up the possibility of identifying previously unseen choices and solutions tailored to each individual client.
To ensure the continuity of care and ongoing professional development, Matthew regularly attends seminars and workshops related to his profession.

Matthew offers counselling and therapy services for children aged 4 and above, adolescents, and adults. He specializes in addiction recovery and provides support for various mental health issues, including depression, addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography), abuse (physical, emotional, mental, sexual), couples and marriage counselling, relationship issues, family support, grief, panic attacks, self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, eating disorders, trauma, post-traumatic stress, anger management, stress management, sexuality, anxiety, C.B.T, families affected by addiction, group courses, workshops, general counselling, as well as telephone and Skype counselling.”
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  • Irish College of Humanties and Applied Sciences Limerick (I.C.H.A.S.) – Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • National Counselling Institute of Ireland (N.C.I.I.) Limerick – Degree in Counselling Skills and Addiction Studies
  • Cork Institute of Technology – Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy Family System
  • St. Patrick’s College Thurles – Diploma in Theological Studies
  • St. Patrick’s College Thurles – Certificate in Philosophical Studies
  • English

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