Brief Therapy

What Is the Brief Therapy and How Does It Work?

Brief treatment (BT) is a strength-based approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes problem-solving over solution-building. BT is different from other types of psychotherapy in that it focuses on how your current circumstances and future hopes affect you.

What Can BT Help with?

When a customer is seeking to achieve a goal or solve an issue, BT works best. It can be used alone as a therapeutic intervention or in conjunction with other types of therapy. It’s used to address a wide range of disorders in people of all ages, including addiction, child behavioral concerns, and relationship challenges.

Typically, this type of therapy isn’t employed when treating major psychiatric conditions such as psychosis and schizophrenia.

Advantages of BT

The shortness of BT is its main advantage. BT is a type of “short therapy” that usually lasts 5–8 sessions. As a result, it is frequently less expensive than other types of therapy.

BT is ideal for people who have a specific goal in mind and just need a little help achieving it. Instead of digging into previous wounds, more time is spent focusing on solutions, making it ideal for those who have a specific goal in mind and just need a little assistance achieving it.

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